Book Review: Kissing Ted Callahan (and Other Guys), by Amy Spalding

18333999Happy Valentines Day readers! Does anyone have fun plans for the day? I’m a big fan of this holiday so I thought I’d let you all know about one of the best YA contemporary romance I’ve read in a long time. This one won’t be released until April, but I definitely suggest your give yourself a Valentines treat and preorder this one or at least put it on your to-read list on goodreads. Here’s why.

The first reason is concept. The story follows bandmates Riley and Reid, two friends with zero experience but a whole lot of anxiety when it comes to romance. When they see their two bandmates in an … um… compromising position, they decide to make a pact help each other gain experience with the opposite sex. By sharing tips and observations both of their love lives begin to improve. In particular, Riley starts getting the attention of her long time crush, Ted Callahan. But when other (cute!) boys show their interest in Riley and the pact has other unintended consequences things get a little out of control. Of course, only in the best possible way.

The second reason is form. Most of the story is told from Riley’s perspective, but there are some fantastic interludes that are the written tips that RIley and Reid share and sections told entirely from Reid’s perspective. This definitely elevated the story and made the book a lot more fun.

Thirdly, this book is chocked full of funny moments. Riley was a really relatable character and the way she thought reminded me a lot of my own awkwardness as a teenager. This combination made me laugh out loud more than once while I was reading. There are lots of good messages about friendship and plenty of steamy smooching scenes, but the book’s sense of humor is really what set it apart for me. I think funny can be one of the hardest things to write, so I’m always excited when I see someone doing it well.

Hope you all have a fantastic Valentines Day and that you check this book out when it’s released in April! I seriously doubt you will be disappointed.

*I received an ARC copy this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review, but all the opinions here are my own.

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