Burn, Read, Rewrite: Eloise, The Paper Bag Princess, Madeline

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This week marks the end of my picture book unit at school. Through this class I’ve learned to analyze picture books more critically and discovered many new favorite picture books. But this weeks I thought I’d torture myself by picking three childhood favorites for this week’s Burn, Read, Rewrite. To play along, in the comments list which book you would read (favorite), rewrite (second favorite or one you have something you want to change), and burn (least favorite). As always, I’m interested to see your comments! 

Here are my picks:

  • Read: Madeline
  • Rewrite: The Paper Bag Princess (nothing to change, I just love Madeline a bit more!)
  • Burn: Eloise (love her but sometimes she is a little bratty)

5 thoughts on “Burn, Read, Rewrite: Eloise, The Paper Bag Princess, Madeline

  1. Read: The Paper Bag Princess, because I haven’t, and I’ve always been curious about it.
    Rewrite: Madeline – not really, because I believe that it’s perfect, but I needed to fit it in.
    Burn: Eloise, not because it isn’t wonderful but because I used to work at the Eloise store at The Plaza and it brings back horrifying memories of being yelled at by customers, and also a year and a half of something everyday will make you hate just about any character.

      1. Alison…You cannot burn Eloise. What could be better than being a bratty kidy at the Plaza hotel. I am sure I have taken you there and if not your Mother and you get cherries…all you want…on your ice cream at the plaza court. I couldn’t burn ant book so let’s get bac to marriage, date, or dump. There are a lot of guys I could dump and also a few I could marry….Nana

  2. This is so hard!!!!

    I am going to read Eloise. She is the naughty, adventurous, in-control-of-her-own-environment little girl I never was. I would rewrite Madeline. For some reason – I’ve never really related to Madeline – I think she needs an update. I haven’t read the Paper Bag Princess – and while I know I am missing something, if I haven’t read it yet, I guess I can live without it!

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