Top Ten Books About Sisters


I love sister books. So it was easy to fill in the blank for this week’s top ten tuesday category. What wasn’t wasn’t easy was narrowing the choices down to ten. I have a no books by the same author rule, and let me tell you deciding between the Bennet Sisters and the Dashwood sisters was very near impossible. Let me know your favorite fictional sisters in the comments and have a lovely Tuesday everyone! Continue reading “Top Ten Books About Sisters”

Marry, Date or Dump: John Snow, Jaime Lannister, & Jorah Mormont

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 11.26.00 AM

Have you been watching the latest season of Game of Thrones on HBO? I haven’t. In fact, I’m still working my way (slowly) through book five of the series, but I definitely hear a lot of Westeros talk around school from friends who are obsessed with the series. I picked these three characters pretty randomly, but also because I’ve totally changed my opinion on Jaime since I had only read first one. Let me know who you’d marry, who you’d date, and who you’d dump in the comments. I’ll play along below as well!

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Are you read-a-thonning tomorrow?


I wasn’t going to participate this time, but I couldn’t help myself. I just signed up for Dewey’s Read-a-thon tomorrow. I have class and a bunch of other work to do, so I’m going to set my goal at 8 hours of reading. Also I figure if I read some of the books I have for homework that makes it productive time right?

If anyone wants to join me, here’s the link to sign up. It really is pretty much the most fun ever. Let the reading begin!

Top Ten Favorite Authors of All Time (YA &Literary/Classic)


These week’s topic asked us to name our top ten authors. Can you imagine the agony. There was no way I could do just one list, so I made one list for YA and another for literary/classic – because I wanted to fit in as many favorite authors as possible. I’m sure I left some super important people off my list and that it might look totally different if I made the list next year or next month or even next day. But for today here are my all time favorite authors. Let me know yours in the comments! Continue reading “Top Ten Favorite Authors of All Time (YA &Literary/Classic)”