Marry, Date or Dump: Characters from Red Queen, by Victoria Aveyard

Aveyard-01-700x394Despite being so squeamish about blood as a kid, that I would even let my mom say the second grade spelling list, I made it through Red Queen, by Victoria Aveyard last week. Let me tell you there is definitely a reason this book is getting so much hype and appearing on all the best seller lists. It is suspenseful, chilling, and romantic all at the same time. Since there are three potential romantic leads (because the only thing better than a love triangle is a love rectangle), I thought it would be perfect for marry, date or dump. So if anyone has read the book or just wants to venture a guess today’s choices are Kilorn (Mare’s childhood best friend), Cal (the king’s first born son and leader of the silver army), or Maven (the king’s second son). Please no spoilers for people who haven’t read it. 

Here are my picks (and I’m trying to answer honestly):

  • Marry: Cal (sawoon)
  • Date: Maven (I was very intrigued by him for most of the book and loved the way his skin turned silver when he blushed)
  • Dump: Kilorn (I feel like this is probably the most controversial choice, but something about him bugged me)

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