What I’m Working On

once upon a time

I’m two (maybe three chapters) away from finishing the first draft of my new novel. In some ways it is very different from DREAMERS, which some readers know is a novel I decided to put away earlier this year. But in some other ways it is very similar. In fact, at the advice of the few agents who read my last manuscript, it uses the same characters but is in a fully contemporary setting instead of being part fantasy. It actually is based on a subplot from my NaNoWriMo project from 2013. In part because a few people have asked in the last few weeks and in part because I think it will be good motivation for me (and would love to get people’s opinions) here is a short description of the new(ish) novel I’ve been working on with the working title of THE REVENGE PLAY.

Victoria and Spencer have always been VictoriaAndSpencer. They’ve been the “class couple” at their small, alternative school ever since Victoria asked Spencer out at the 6th grade square dance. So everyone is shocked when they break up at the beginning of 11th grade, after five years together, especially Victoria’s best friend Riley. The shock only intensifies when Spencer writes a play about the relationship to get back at Victoria, and Victoria asks Riley to co-direct to represent her side of the story. After last year’s unfortunate rumors, Riley just wants to keep her head down, but the play thrusts her back into the center of attention. Even worse, as they work together, Riley develops a kind-of-sort-of-maybe crush on Spencer, which further complicates everything. As she navigates her conflicting loyalties and the school rumor mill, Riley can’t help wondering what she’s going to do and why she ever got involved with the revenge play to begin with.

This is a pitch I wrote for an assignment at school at the end of the semester. I really want to thank all the readers of this blog who’ve been ridiculously supportive of me as a person and as a writer. I was reading old posts from when I was writing in Big Sur and deciding to move to New York this morning and became incredibly touched by all of your kindness. Thank you.

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