Marry, Date or Dump: Little House Edition

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I was pretty obsessed with the Little House books, by Laura Ingalls Wilder, growing up. I had my favorites (most perversely The Long Winter was among them), but These Happy Golden Years was the one I read by far the most for obvious reasons. Romance. You can pick any of the characters from the series to marry, date, or dump today. I’m picking Almanzo Wilder, Cap Garland, and Mr. Edwards (although I was very tempted to put Pa in the mix). Hope you have fun returning to a pioneer state of mind! 

Here what I decided:

  • Marry: Almanzo (Yes he has a funny name, but he drove all that way in the snow to take Laura home when she was a teacher. Total swoon.)
  • Date: Cap (God hates cowards. Also blond hair and blue eyes!)
  • Dump: Mr. Edwards (This gives me no joy, but he is much older and a wandering man so it would be hard to marry or date him when he’s on the move so much.)

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