Marry, Date or Dump: Boys from Sarah Dessen Novels

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Still posting some of my favorite old topics for marry, date or dump, because I’m still on vacation. This one (originally posted in February 2014) was particularly fun, because I’ve now read all of Sarah Dessen’s novels so I feel like I can make a more informed decision. I challenged myself to pick all new characters from who I chose last time, but am mostly excited to see which characters from Sarah Dessen novels you want to marry, date, and dump!

Here are my new picks:

  • Marry: Owen from Just Listen (so many good communication tools!)
  • Date: Dexter from This Lullaby (he is definitely the most dreamy)
  • Dump: Ames from Saint Anything (if you’ve read this book my decision here will be self explanatory)

3 thoughts on “Marry, Date or Dump: Boys from Sarah Dessen Novels

    1. I don’t know if you would like them as much as I do, because a lot of them can be a little light/formulaic (in the best way). But some of them are really heavy hitters. Which one did you read?

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