Marry, Date or Dump: The Grisha Trilogy

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I know I’m a little bit behind on these books, but over the weekend I finally finished Ruin and Rising the third and final book in The Grisha Trilogy, by Leigh Bardugo. I had no idea how I wanted the story to end or who I wanted Alina to end up with … but the way Leigh wrapped everything together took my breath away. Still, now I’m left wondering who you would marry, who you’d date, and who you’d dump when it comes to the men in the series. I’m sticking to the three potential suitors for Alina, but if you want to sub in secondary characters be my guest! 

Here are my choices:

  • Marry: Nikolai Lantsov (It turns out I do have a taste for emeralds and charming princes … plus I thought he was funniest character in the book.)
  • Date: Aleksander/The Darkling (I know I’m supposed to hate him, but I always thought he had the most chemistry with Alina in the books)
  • Dump: Mal (This is half by default and half because I never really clicked with his character)

6 thoughts on “Marry, Date or Dump: The Grisha Trilogy

      1. Here is the thing: I liked the series! I really did. I gobbled the books up. But I didn’t like Mal … but I didn’t feel like I liked Alina enough for her to “deserve” Nikolai, you know? Like, he outshone them all. I’ll keep Nikolai for myself, thankyouverymuch.

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