Marry, Date or Dump: Emma, by Jane Austen

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I will admit that Emma ranks pretty low on my list of favorite Austen novels, although I do really enjoy the film version with Gwyneth Paltrow and Clueless is an all time favorite of mine. I don’t know why I woke up with this book on the brain, but I think it would be fun to think about who you’d marry, who you’d date, and who you’d dump from the book. You can choose whatever characters you want from the novel. Whether you want ladies, male characters, or a mix – I’m very excited to see your choices! 

Here are my picks:

  • Marry: Mr. Weston (I know people are going to think it’s crazy I don’t pick Knightley, but something about him rubs me the wrong way. He is so critical, while Mr. Weston is always so positive and optimistic. I also seriously considered George Martin.)
  • Date: Frank Churchill (That being said, I do think it would also be fun to date his son, the dashing Frank Churchill. Who knows? I might get a piano out of it if I played my cards right.)
  • Dump: Mr. Woodhouse (I dislike Mr. Elton as much as the next girl, but Mr. Woodhouse is such a grump. There’s no way I could put up with that man!)

7 thoughts on “Marry, Date or Dump: Emma, by Jane Austen

  1. I admit I know C lueless better than Emma so it is hard for me to keep track of the names but I think it would be
    Marry – Knightley – I do think you are crazy
    Date – Mr Weston
    Dump – Mr Elton

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