January Road Trip

My sister and I took a magical road trip in January. This is us on the first day, when we left my Dad’s house in Salinas! 

Look at all the fun places we went!
It was too rainy to camp at Point Reyes (thanks for nothing El Nino!), so we went to Mendocino. It turned out to be beyond beautiful. 
The Redwoods were my favorite though. So overwhelming!
Waiting for the Elk to cross the street so we can keep driving. 
Southern Oregon was also beautiful! 
This pic was taken in Seattle, but we LOVED Portland. Can you say, Powell’s City of Books? 
The Space Needle (obviously). 
Driving back down the 101 on our way back. 
IMG_7720 (1)
In Napa, we went wine tasting in a model of a Medieval castle built in 1993. It felt like the perfect setting for a YA story. It was a lovely last day of the trip! 

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