Pride and Prejudice and Zombies


It is a truth universally acknowledged that this blogger will totally, utterly, and completely love anything that has anything to do with Pride and Prejudice. After watching Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle spar as Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet in the BCC adapation as an eight-year-old, I was hooked. It can be a modern retelling, a sexy continuation of Darcy and Elizabeth’s relationship post marriage, even a very loose adaptation, if it’s related to Pride and Prejudice I will like it. And after watching the adaptation I thought I was least likely to enjoy two days ago at an early showing, I can officially say the streak holds strong. Because even though I do not like zombies or fighting scenes or blood, this movie was SO MUCH FUN! 

While loosely following the major plot points – Mr. Bingley coming to town, Darcy rejecting Elizabeth at a ball, Jane almost getting eaten by zombies because Mrs. Bennet insists she rides a horse instead of taking a carriage to tea at Netherfield Hall, etc. – the movie contrasts the marriage plot with the concerns about an impending zombie apocalypse.


Zombies or not, Mr. Bennet’s estate will be entailed away. Still, it feels a little silly, especially to Elizabeth Bennet, to worry about finding a husband when neighbors are getting their brains eaten out left and right. This is all handled with humor, wit, and an incredible amount of self aware camp. Darcy and Mr. Collins particularly shined through to me and there is definitely a dose of sexiness that I bet Jane Austen would have been completely shocked by (see above photo).

Overall, there are still the lines that will make you swoon and cringe. Elizabeth is still tolerable I supposed, but not handsome enough to tempt Darcy. Darcy still struggles in vain but still must tell Elizabeth how much he ardently admires and loves her. And the reimaginings of Wickham and Catherine de Bourgh are very interesting.

Are you going to see this movie? Do you have any favorite Jane Austen retellings/adaptations?

4 thoughts on “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

  1. Awesome! My book club read the adaptation last month, and we’re seeing the movie next week! Can’t wait!

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