Workshop vs Thesis

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Happy Friday, friends! Anyone have fun Valentine’s Day plans this weekend? I think I’m going to see a showing of Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina *maybe the best movie ever* with my roommate. Also I have a lot of writing to do before my second thesis turn in to my advisor next week. Like a lot, a lot. Luckily, the scenes I have left to write are at least a little romantic, so that seems in theme for the holiday.

I was at a reading last night, talking to the director of my program about how much I’m loving the thesis lifestyle. He responded, “You mean you like not going to class?”

This felt like a pretty shocking accusation. I LOVE school. Seriously, I want to marry school and have all of its babies. I like raising my hand. I like homework. I like taking notes. I like carrying around an assortment of pens and notebooks. I don’t think the Sorting Hat would have to be on my head very long before bellowing out – RAVENCLAW.

I miss being in class, but I think enjoying its absence is exactly what I meant. Workshop was great for my writing, but bad for my storytelling. The skills and the craft (hopefully) got better. But trying to tell a story with 7-10 different opinions and viewpoints swimming around in my head was really stalling for me.

Yesterday, I sat down with my computer in my lap (I take the term laptop very literally) and fifteen pages just came out of me onto the screen. Craziness. Even crazier, this morning I read them over and actually liked them. This never would have happened while I was in workshop.

This week especially, I’ve felt like the last year and half I’ve been sharpening a knife and this semester I’m finally allowed to chop with it. Holding on to this feeling as long as it lasts. Because I know it won’t last and it probably won’t even last for long.

Now back to thesis writing!

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