Outlining Convert!

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Happy Friday friends! As of last night, I can officially say that I don’t have to give Donald Trump’s campaign any $$$ this month. Because I made my page count goal for the month! A week early! This (blogging=bragging) means I wrote 75 pages in the last two weeks, which I didn’t even know was possible. And while I attribute some of the success to my hard work (and a lingering cold that’s keeping me away from all fun distractions), but of it I attribute to having a detailed outline that I feel really good about.  Continue reading

Ten Characters Everyone Loves But I Just Don’t Get


Usually when I have a hard time with top ten tuesday, it’s because I have to narrow down my long list of ideas into just 10 answer. This week that was not the problem. More and more I like the books I read. I’m also pretty predisposed to liking most characters, especially characters most people love. So my list this week is pretty short, and definitely full of characters that are not actually loved by everyone. Although I think they are loved by some – just not by me. Continue reading

What are you afraid of?

downloadI started reading Big Magic, by Elizabeth Gilbert, yesterday. Many friends and bloggers and writers have raved about the book, but I’ve held off so far because Eat, Pray, Love left a bad taste in my mouth (even though I know it’s been an important book to many people!). Whoa. This book punched me in the stomach right from the get go with a lot of truths I’ve known for a long time, but have been unable to articulate. I know I’ve been brave and chosen the creative life before, but with graduation little more than two months away I feel like I’m coming to another crossroads. It feels like I have to make the decision all over again, and figuring out what that looks like post school, well, it’s definitely been interrupting my sleep.

So this book found me right when I needed it. I’m only a few chapters in, but the part that’s resonated with me most is very early in the book in a section titled Scary, Scary, Scary. The author lists many reasons to be afraid of living a more creative life. I started the list reading item after item thinking no, no, no. And then – stomach punch – yes. Continue reading

Bone Gap, by Laura Ruby

18806240I know I’m late to the party with this one, but what a good book. It seriously took my breath away. Definitely a book that makes me dizzy with happiness as a reader and despairing as writer because there is no way I could do this. Not in a million, trillion years.

So basically, the best kind of book.

The story is multi-perspective. It contains magical realism and lyrical language. It treats love (both romantic and familial) as powerful and unexplainable. Also allusions to the Persephone myth abound throughout the narrative – even some I didn’t know about. Intrigued yet? If not, can I politely ask what’s wrong with you?

Continue reading

Ten Books To Read If You Are In The Mood For Feminist YA


I think that all books that treat the concerns/thoughts/goals/desires/experiences of teenage girls as important are inherently feminist. That means books about crushes and making out and make up. It’s one of my favorite things about YA that it can be dominated by female authors and female characters. I mean the fact that strong female fantasy leads is considered an overused trope is pretty awesome. Obviously there are problematic books and gender inequalities in how authors are treated and lots of other issues … but, for now, here are some of my favorite overtly feminist YA novels. Please share your thoughts or your own feminist YA recs with me in the comments. And happy Tuesday! Continue reading