Six Good Things

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Another week full of good and hard things … but let’s focus on the good.

  1. Visits from my sister and Mama. Sarah and I got a funny makeup lesson at Pucker (which I definitely recommend if you are in New York City and love makeup) and got half priced tickets to see Shuffle Along, which was also amazing. With our mom we started wedding dress shopping for my sister. It was so much fun. We’ve had a lot of good meals and good champagne – a great way to spend time in my first week post thesis.
  2. Speaking of thesis … I got my notes back on my final submission and had my final meeting with my advisor. This is something that was both good and hard. I really believe in the notes, but I (as always) wish I was further along. There is some confusion right now about how I should move forward. But overall, I have been SO happy with the experience and proud of myself. Plus I’m excited to spend more time with the story. Win!
  3. Prince George in his pajamas shaking the hand of President Obama. Cute alert!
  4. After a reading desert, I found a river of books this week. I started This Side of Home, by Renee Watson, Eligible, by Curtis Sittenfeld, and The Last Boy and Girl in the World, by Siobhan Vivian. The books are very different, but I’m definitely into all three of them so far. Now I just need to finish them…
  5. So many literary birthdays this week, including two favorites: Shakespeare and Charlotte Bronte. I’m working on brainstorming more fun ways to commemorate these kinds of occasions.
  6. Going to a wedding this weekend. And I always, always love those.

What good things (or just things) are happening in your lives this week? Always curious.

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