Top Ten Bookworm Delights


  1. Reading the final book in a series you love. Who’s excited for Raven King this week?
  2. Author Readings and Book Release Parties. My favorite, favorite part of living in New York.
  3. Writing quotes I love in my diary. So much good writing out there.
  4. Happy Endings. I like lots of books that down have happy endings, but most of the books I love do.
  5. Convincing friends to read the books I love. It’s always so fun when someone actually reads your suggestions and then you get to talk about it.
  6. Loving books that my friends have suggested. When someone you love loves a book and you do too and then you get to talk about it.
  7. A good book in a hot bath. This is pretty much my favorite way to spend time. As long as I don’t drop my book (or my phone) in the water it is heaven.
  8. Finding a new book boyfriend or book crush. Sawoon!
  9. Following my favorite authors on twitter. If you aren’t following @emerylord  @rainbowrowell and @sarahdessen then you are missing out!
  10. Beautiful Book Covers. I know it’s what’s inside the book that counts, but a beautiful cover doesn’t hurt.

Thanks to The Broke and the Bookish for hosting this weekly book meme! What are your bookworm delights?

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