Top Ten Bookworm Delights


  1. Reading the final book in a series you love. Who’s excited for Raven King this week?
  2. Author Readings and Book Release Parties. My favorite, favorite part of living in New York.
  3. Writing quotes I love in my diary. So much good writing out there.
  4. Happy Endings. I like lots of books that down have happy endings, but most of the books I love do.
  5. Convincing friends to read the books I love. It’s always so fun when someone actually reads your suggestions and then you get to talk about it.
  6. Loving books that my friends have suggested. When someone you love loves a book and you do too and then you get to talk about it.
  7. A good book in a hot bath. This is pretty much my favorite way to spend time. As long as I don’t drop my book (or my phone) in the water it is heaven.
  8. Finding a new book boyfriend or book crush. Sawoon!
  9. Following my favorite authors on twitter. If you aren’t following @emerylord  @rainbowrowell and @sarahdessen then you are missing out!
  10. Beautiful Book Covers. I know it’s what’s inside the book that counts, but a beautiful cover doesn’t hurt.

Thanks to The Broke and the Bookish for hosting this weekly book meme! What are your bookworm delights?

10 thoughts on “Top Ten Bookworm Delights

    1. Me too. I’m trying to wait until next week, because she’s visiting my favorite bookstore in NY so I want to buy it then. But I might not be able to make it until then!

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