Five Good Things

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  1. Lemonade. Do I need to say more? No. But I will. Anytime there is new music from Beyonce I’m beyond excited. But new songs, plus a beautiful, beautiful film that made me cry several times. There are no words. It’s great to have (almost) everyone around me get swept up in lemonade fever too. Early favorite songs of mine are Hold Up, Sorry, and Sandcastles. Let me know your favorites in the comments, if you want 🙂
  2. So many good book releases this week. The Rose & the Dagger! The Raven King! The Last Boy and Girl in the World! It’s like a trifecta of authors I love and books I’ve been dying to read.
  3. It was a special treat to get to see Siobhan Vivian at her book launch at my favorite New York bookstore, Books of Wonder. She had yummy meats and cheeses, along with wine and fizzy lemonade. When she read you could tell how emotional and meaningful this story is to her. Also being there was like going on a safari to spot authors. Amazing!
  4. A week off writing. This hasn’t happened since the summer. I know some authors say real writers write everyday, but I think breaks can be important. I got some seriously heavy/confusing and what will be ultimately positive notes on my novel in progress last week. I need time to process them and figure out my next move now that I won’t be working with my thesis advisor anymore. I did write one poem … but it was wonderful to take a week off of narrative.
  5. A beautiful early birthday dinner with my sister. We at french food and drank yummy red win before packing her up and sending her back to LA. I miss her, but I know one cutie pie bulldog puppy that was excited to see her return.

What’s been going on in your week? Good things I hope! But I’d love to hear about the good, the bad, and/or the in-between.

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