Ten Websites I Love that Aren’t About Books


Most of the websites I love are about books. That’s what I write about. It’s also largely what I read about. Seriously, I had to go deep into my Internet history to find some of these. But there are some exceptions. Here are some websites I love that aren’t about books. Because it’s okay to have more than one interest…I guess.

  1. Cup of Jo: Lifestyle blog that I’ve been obsessed with for years and years. I’ve loved watching this family change and grow. I check this almost every day, more than most things on the Internet.
  2. Appellation Mountain: Aside from loving books, I’ve been a name nut forever and this is my favorite baby name blog.
  3. Budget Bytes: Half of what I cook comes from this website.
  4. Green Wedding Shoes: I started looking at this blog when friends started getting married. Now that my sister is planning a wedding, I’m 100% hooked again. So magical!
  5. Hamilton Lottery: I enter every morning, but I’m pretty sure I’m never going to get to see this show.
  6. Humans of New York: I was hooked on this blog even before I moved to the city.
  7. Modern Love: I read a lot of the New York Times online, but this series is one that I almost never miss.
  8. Five Thirty Eight: This has been my favorite thing to check in on during the election this year.
  9. Brokelyn: Cheap things to do in Brooklyn … always of interest to me.
  10. Post Secret: I’ve been reading this one for a long time, but it still hooks me in.

Thanks to The Broke and the Bookish for hosting this weekly book meme!

9 thoughts on “Ten Websites I Love that Aren’t About Books

  1. Oh I’m also convinced I will never win the Hamilton lottery but that doesn’t stop me from trying. I should really start reading Modern love more often, it’s adorable. Great List!

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