Five Good Things

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  1. On Thursday, I had my thesis reading. The Writing for Children graduates (all seven of us) came together to read 450 words from our theses (I read 522, but don’t tell anyone). After a semester working with just one writing partner and my advisor, it was so fun to hear everyone’s stories. My mom and Aunt Lucia came to visit for the event. And I felt so much love, pride, and accomplishment surrounded by family, friends, professors, and classmates.
  2. Because my mom and aunt are visiting I’m getting to have some great meals and fun adventures. By far the best has been going to see the musical version of The Color Purple. One of the best plays I’ve ever seen.
  3. My reading re-addiction is still going strong. I read and reviewed When We Collided, by Emery Lord. I also sped through Kill the Boy Band, by Goldy Moldavsky, and The Last Boy and Girl in the World, by Siobhan Vivian. Contemporary YA for the win! All delightful to read!
  4. I had a guest post published in BookRiot, a blog I’ve been reading and loving for years. The post is called Boy Books, Girl Books, and Missing Out on Anne Frank. It’s about a specific experience in my life that shows gender prejudice in curriculum development. Hopefully, I will be writing many more things for BookRiot in the future.
  5. Last night, I got to attend the thesis reading for the nonfiction cohort and today I’m going to see the fiction students read. There are so many friends that I’ve never heard read before and never read their writing. It is the most fun and a wonderful (albiet bittersweet) way to say goodbye to the program. Next stop graduation, which I almost can’t handle.

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