Four Good Things

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  1. I’ve been back in New York for a week now and things are settling down from the post graduation, post beach frenzy that’s dominated the last month. I really want to be back in the 100% productive mode I was during thesis. But instead I’m gently easing back into productivity. But I’ve really liked the rhythm and routine of this week. A few runs (a new habit I’m trying to pick up), lots of time reading and writing outside, dinners with friends. It’s kind of nice to have had a week without one major exciting thing to dominate it.
  2. In particular, having dinner with my thesis and writing partner last night really made me feel so grateful for my time in the program and really focused on the work ahead for my revision. I love that we end up talking about our characters like they are real people we know.
  3. I’ve finished Tiny Beautiful Things, by Cheryl Strayed, and almost finished Unexpected Everything, by Morgan Matson. The first was a recommendation. It’s been interesting to see what advice connects with me. One thing that resonating is the idea that people don’t live careers or relationships they live lives. And Morgan Matson’s new book is everything a fan could want: well-written, romantic, and long.
  4. I’ve had many long phone chats with my little sister (pictured above right with me re: 1998) this week. It’s hard living on separate coasts, so this time together is so important and meaningful.

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