Three Good Things

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  1. Lots of good reading time this week! I reviewed The Art of Being Normalby Lisa Williamson yesterday and also really enjoyed Love & Gelato, by Jenna Evans Welch. Two very, very different books. I was especially excited to read Love & Gelato because it’s represented by an agent I got to know at my summer internship last year.
  2. I started listening to a new podcast 88 Cups of Tea, which features interviews with lots of writers of YA and children’s book. I’d start with the recent interview with Jenny Han. I was obsessed and am listening through old episodes like crazy.
  3. Everything seems better when you aren’t dripping in sweat. The weather finally cooled down in NYC this week. On Sunday, my roommate and I went for a long walk in the rain to celebrate the lower temperatures.

*Sometimes I blog about writing in my weekly wrap up post … but, frankly, it hasn’t been going that good this week. I’m working on feeling okay about that. Just like everything, I’ve learned that a certain zone of writing never lasts forever. I had a really long block of time feeling really productive and really positive about my story – now it’s a little harder, but I will get back into that positive zone again. And until then, I’ll keep trying.*

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