Five Good Things

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Sorry for dropping my blogging hat for the week. It was a big one (hence the lack of blogging), with lots of good things.

  1. I started a new job! I was just in training this week, but I’m teaching creative writing to nine and ten year olds. It’s definitely weird to be in a classroom again, and having to get up early and take a crowded subway all the way across town isn’t the most fun. But the kids are so imaginative and focused. It was a really great first week and tomorrow I’ll be the lead teacher for a new class.
  2. On Tuesday, I got to see Lisa Williamson, Stephanie Perkins, Nina LaCour, and David Levithan at McNally Jackson to celebrate Nina and David’s new book You Know Me Well. I finished the book on my aforementioned subway rides and it is fantastic. And after the sadness of Orlando, it was wonderful to celebrate LGBT books.
  3. I’m also almost done with I Love Dick, by Chris Kraus. It is a very strange book that half my friends are obsessed with. It’s definitely not what I normally read, but I’m definitely enjoying it.
  4. My dad and stepmom came to visit this week. It was great to see them and also meant yummy restaurants, going to see the show She Loves Me (which was fantastic!), and visiting the New York Historical Society.
  5. I wrote another post for BookRiot!

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