Four Good Things

  1. I’ve been struggling with writing and revising and productivity, but this week I made a calendar for how much I want to write every week for the next six weeks. It’s already making me more accountable. I really, really want to get this draft done this summer (hopefully ready for beta readers by the end of July!). If this doesn’t work, I’m going to have to go back to the Trump plan that worked so well during thesis semester.
  2. Reading’s been a bit slower this week, but I did finally read The Last Star, by Rick Yancey. I’m not sure I entirely understood the mechanics of how the story ended (the science went right over my head) but I was happy to finish this amazing series.
  3. This week was my first week as a lead instructor at my job. I taught a fiction workshop to nine and ten year olds in the morning. Their stories were all so so amazing. I want to have that much imagination!
  4. In a few hours, I’m heading to the airport to go see my sister in LA. I’m unbelievably excited for sister chats, sister cuddling, sister massages, and maybe even a sister camping trip.

Hope your week has been full of good things too!

3 thoughts on “Four Good Things

  1. I’ve had the same struggle this week. A friend and I decided that June 30 was our deadline to finish our novels. I’m not sure that will happen on my part.
    Congrats on your job. It sounds wonderful!

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