Whoa Whoa Whoa

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When you look up “Whoa” in the dictionary it lists the word as something you say to a horse to get it to slow down. Now, I feel like it’s more of an exclamation of excitement. I’m feeling both feelings right now. It’s been a big couple of weeks (and maybe months if I’m being honest with myself). Starting a new job teaching creative writing to kids. Dealing with the transition out of grad school. My grandmother dying – and having to set my writing aside for a few weeks to try and give myself the space to handle that. Going to summer camp for the first time since 1998 (which I’m going to try to write about sometime this week, because it was so funny).

I thought this fall would be a quieter time. And maybe it will be but…on Thursday I was offered a job teaching a writing class at The New School. It’s not creative writing, but more focused on mechanics/style of academic writing. But still…craziness. I accepted the position on Friday and my first class is this week. I’ve been furiously reading a grammar textbook all weekend and trying to throw a syllabus together. Wish me luck, because I’m sure I’ll need it!

I also started back up on my manuscript The Revenge Play yesterday. I wanted SO BADLY to finish my revisions this summer, but life had other plans and I’m adjusting. I’m a little worried that undertaking this new teaching job will slow my writing down…but hopefully I’ll be able to get back into a good writing routine and finish soon.

So that’s me. Excited about all the new things happening and simultaneously wishing the world would slow down and let me catch my breath for a moment. But mostly excited.


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