Don’t Create a False Equivalency between the Donald Trump Video & Fifty Shades of Grey


Mostly, I write about young adult books. I read them. I write them. I love them, and I love to blog about them. But sometimes I feel so GRRRRR about something, that I have to vent. I don’t think it’s will be a surprise to most of my few readers that I’m supporting Hillary in the upcoming election. In fact, I used the threat of Donald Trump to motivate me through writing my third draft/masters thesis last semester. It was incredibly effective. Smarter, more expert people have been talking about the vile audio recording of Trump released on Friday. I don’t need to add my two cents in about that one. But when Fifty Shades of Grey was invoked to justify and excuse his actions…that’s when the GRRRRR feeling got out of control. 

I know everyone loves to attack this book like it’s their job. Conservatives and liberals. Feminists and misogynists. In fact, I’ve ranted about the reaction to this book before…more than once.

The way that pretty much everyone critiques things that women love and that women make popular frustrates me to no end. The fact that this book is being used to justify someone’s sexist language and admission of assault?

I. Am. Furious.

Forget that Fifty Shades is basically a PSA for consent. Forget that Anna and Christian are in a consensual, loving, mutually-pleasurable relationship. Buying a book and reading a book is a consensual act, no matter what the subject matter is. Being grabbed by any part of the body without permission is not. It is not the same thing!

More women buy books than men. More women vote than men. It’s time for people to understand this and stop using this book as a scape goat for everything.

4 thoughts on “Don’t Create a False Equivalency between the Donald Trump Video & Fifty Shades of Grey

  1. This guy is the worst. Like, the worst of the worst. What’s more, it bums me out that people are still totally down to not just defend, but to actually vote for the dude who openly brags about his ability to sexually assault women. It’s super gross.

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