Writing & Being Sick


On Tuesday, I had my best writing day in months. Not only was I moving through lots of edits/critiques from my critique partner, but I was back in love with my story and in love with the process of actually writing. Amazing! I parceled out a plan to finish the draft within the week or so. Then Wednesday hit with a high fever and a wicked sore throat. Lately, I’m worried this blog has become a bit of a wambulance. But, I guess this is a good lesson in patience and that I’m not (and never will be) totally in control.

I’ve been sick this year more than any other. My last two cold/flu guys have come during big writing weeks for me. During one, in thesis semester, I pushed through so I wouldn’t have to give money to this guy. I ended up writing everyone’s favorite scene (and one of the only ones I didn’t have to edit) in a fever haze. Right now, I’m feeling a little too fuzzy to get much writing done. Instead, I’m reading through a friend’s WIP and catching up on other reading. Also drinking plenty of fluids, Mom!

Hope you all are having more productive and more healthful weeks than yours truly!

3 thoughts on “Writing & Being Sick

  1. “Wambulance”! LOL! No, that’s MY blog, not yours. I hope you feel better soon, dear!

    At the beginning of the month, I made a plan to finish my draft by this Saturday.

    Not gonna happen.

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