Top Ten Book-Themed Costume Parties I’d Like to Throw


Halloween is all about the costumes for me. I don’t like chocolate (it’s pretty much my least favorite taste), and am not the biggest candy fan. Over the last two years I’ve talked about book characters I’d want to dress up as and characters I’d want to invited to a costume party. This year, I thought I might be stumped. Then I imagined throwing a costume party where everyone had to come dressed like the characters in a just one book/series/etc. Thus this week’s Top Ten Tuesday topic was formed. Here are the top ten book-themed costume parties I’d like to throw, also known as Alison’s new bucket list.

  1. Harry Potter: Between all the good Halloween food at Hogwarts and the plethora of characters, I feel like this is an obvious choice. Also, I could just wear my clothes and come as Hermione, since my personal style is basically Hermione cosplay anyway.
  2. Jane Austen: Having everyone come over to my apartment dressed as their favorite Austen character (or favorite villain!) is a literal dream. Plus think of the organized dances!
  3. The Pink Carnation Series: Lauren Willig’s world of aristocratic spies is one of my favorites! Even though Henrietta is my favorite, I call being Miss Gwen – just so I can hit people with my purple parasol all night.
  4. The Great Gatsby: This one also seems fairly obvious, but flapper costumes are fun and I LOVE to Charleston!
  5. A Court of Thorns and Roses: I’m officially obsessed with Sarah J. Maas’s sequel A Court of Mist and Fury. I’ve read the doorstopper of a book three times (at least) this summer and would love to craft up a creative fairy costume.
  6. Lord of the Rings: When I was in high school my grandmother told my sister that she looked like Galadriel and me that I looked like a hobbit. I’m willing to get over this scaring experience for a good party.
  7. Charles Dickens: This might be the most “English Major-y” idea ever. Still, just like a Jane Austen party, there are so many characters to choose from.
  8. Canterbury Tales: Okay, I lied. This is the most “English Major-y” idea ever. Bonus points for talking in Middle English all night.
  9. The Grisha: I would love to have everyone come as a character from Leigh Bardugo’s world of the Grisha. Between, Shadow and Bone and Six of Crows (along with their respective sequels) there are lots of cool costumes to create.
  10. To Kill a Mocking Bird: Everyone has to come dressed in a homemade ham costume.

Which of these parties would you most like to attend? What books am I forgetting? Let me know in the comments!

16 thoughts on “Top Ten Book-Themed Costume Parties I’d Like to Throw

  1. I actually know someone who had a 20s themed wedding (similar to Gatsby) and the pictures are gorgeous! I would also love to attend a Harry Potter or Jane Austen costume party. Great list!

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