Five Good Things


Happy Friday, friends! It’s been a week  full of great things for me because my sister is visiting! Also, Halloween! Also, I saw Josh Groban! Also after weeks of too hot or too cold weather, it finally feels like fall in New York City. Here are my top five things.

  1. We celebrated Halloween on Saturday and Monday. My sister dressed up as a cactus (favorite. costume. ever.), and I was a fortune teller – complete with a cootie catcher to tell people’s fortunes. Sarah made a vegan pumpkin pie. I drank lots of hot apple cider. It was the best halloween in my twenties at least.
  2. Josh Groban! I’ve been trying to see more theater this year. I’m *probably* not going to live in New York City forever, so now is the time! I was thrilled to nab tickets to Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812. It’s a musical based on 70 pages of War and Peace that has a little bit over everything. My sister was hit in the face with a pierogi. There were equal parts twerking and Russian folk dancing. Perhaps most importantly, there was the voice of an angel: Josh Groban playing Pierre. It was one of the best things I’ve ever seen. Sarah and I have been listening to this song all week.
  3. I’ve been teaching a grammar class at The New School this semester. Some of it I get easily (semicolons vs colons!), and some of it I don’t (dangling modifiers!). I’m definitely learning a lot, and I know this will help my writing. This week, I really delved into subordinate vs. coordinating conjunctions. And I understood it quickly! It’s absurd how proud of myself I am.
  4. Two great YA books were released this week. The Romantics, by Leah Konen, which I’ve read (and reviewed) and The Sun is Also a Star, by Nicola Yoon. I haven’t read The Sun is Also a Star, but I feel completely confident that it will be great.
  5. I printed out my novel for the first time. It’s not 100% ready to be queried yet, but I’m getting really close. It was totally bananas to see it printed out. 310 pages. A big block of paper. And, despite a lot of mixed feelings about how long it’s taking me to finish, I felt very proud of myself.

4 thoughts on “Five Good Things

  1. Congrats on the novel – I know you have been working so hard and I can’t wait to read it!!!! Very proud of you.

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