Most Popular Posts of 2016

I’m closing out my fifth year blogging, and I can barely believe it. My life, my blog, and blogging in general have changed so much since I started in January 2012. But what hasn’t changed is that I really like this space that exists on the blog. That’s why I keep doing this I guess. My most popular post written this year (by leaps and bounds) is somewhat bittersweet. It is the post I wrote just after my grandmother died: My Nana, Jo Barton. It feels fitting that this was so popular, and Nana would have loved it. It also lead to so many friends and acquaintances of her to reach out to me – which really meant the world.

Here are some of my other most popular posts from 2016:

Also, in case you are interested…In 2016 I started writing for one of my favorite book blogs, Book Riot. Here are a few of my favorite articles that I’ve written for them:

Thanks so much readers who’ve sticked with my blog for so long. It means so much that anyone at all reads what I’m writing. I’m hoping to announce some exciting news in the next week or two so stay posted!

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