My 2017 Reading/Writing Resolutions


Happy first Friday of 2017? How is the year going for you so far? I’m excited to be back in New York, excited about the big news I shared yesterday, and excited about all the amazing books coming out this year. I never make all my reading resolutions, but I do think I read more books and read better books than when I don’t make them. So here are my reading and writing goals for the upcoming year.

Reading Goals: 

  1. Read 100 books: I fell short this year, but I still think this is an achievable goal.
  2. Read 40% diverse authors (PoC, LGBT, and other marginalized groups):  I was at a little over 25% this year, but I can do better.
  3. Read more 2017 releases and debut fiction: I did great on reading 2016 releases but meh on the debuts. I want to read at least 10 debut novelists this year!
  4. Review books I enjoy on Amazon: This is so helpful authors and another way to support my community. I especially want to do this if I check a book out from the library, since I’m not supporting the author financially.
  5. Go to a reading or literary event every month: I don’t think this will be hard, but post graduation I feel myself sliding on going to readings. Hopefully, I will surpass this goal – but just in case I want something I can hold myself accountable to.

Writing Goals: 

  1. Finish my revision on The Revenge Play: Just got notes back from my *gasp* agent for a revision before she tries to sell the book. Hoping to really make this a priority and move through the new changes quickly!
  2. Get novel two in good shape: I’m working on a really solid outline and having the most fun being with new characters. Instead of worrying about how/when/if Revenge Play is going to sell, I know it makes more sense to throw that energy into writing my next book.
  3. Discover new exercises to share with my students: I teach writing to college students and younger kids too. I definitely want to keep improving as a teacher this year, because in the end it also helps me improve as a writer.

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions for 2017? Do you think you will follow through on them?

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