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Adam Silvera at @booksofwonder, 1/16/17

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#FebBookstagram [Wrap Up] #FrenchieFantasyFebruary [Book Haul] . . I barely ever do sort of “wrap up” posts here but ya know what? FIRST TIME FOR EVERYTHING. Here is a conglomeration of the books I’ve acquired lately. Obviously the queen of them all is #AConjuringOfLight WHICH WAS PERFECT AND BEAUTIFUL AND DESTROYED ME. #Nice And I’ve barely read any of the others because I got lost in my kindle. No really. Pls come fetch me out I’m drowning in here. . . Other Things I Did This Month Include: . . 1. Panic because February only has 28 days????? I’m not ready for March???? Help???? 2. Ate lemon pie and thought of Heartless. Excellent mind control that. 3. Wrote two novels in a collective 200,000-words. 4. Read 20 books. 5. (NOT while I was writing though! I can’t multitask!!) 6. Got an excellent new novel idea about a world where any library you enter is the SAME LIBRARY and it’s magic and wants to eat you probably. 7. Read A Conjuring Of Light. 8. Died with ACOL. 9. Also ACOL arrived damaged??? The spine is ripped! Book Depository is sending me a new one so I’m about to have 2 ACOLs and I don’t know what to do about that. 10. I managed to have to tell only TWO people to stop stealing my photos which is like a record. [insert eyeroll here] 11. My blog stats have been OUT OF THIS WORLD GOOD!!…and I haven’t even been blogging??? Wut R U saying to me world. 12. Cake. 13. I worked on my bullet journal a lot!! 14. I was slayed by Gemina. ❤ 15. I climbed my bookshelf because that's just what happens around here. . . QOTD: Which of these should I read first?! (I’ve read ACOL already don’t forget!) . . #bookstagram #bookworm #bookphotography #bibliophile #booklover #bookaddict #books #bookblogger #instabook #reader #bookish #bookgram #beautifulbooks #reading #booknerd #booknerdigans #booksofinstagram #bookspines #bookishfrontcover #bookhaul #beautifulbookcovers #latestbookpurchase

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