Good Days, Good Weeks

Hi friends and happy Saturday! The weather is coldish and gloomy in New York City today, but that’s okay with me. I happy curled up on the blue chair in my room, typing out words on this laptop. This week was a good writing week. Thursday was a *very* good writing day. I’m working on a hardcore outline for my next novel. It’s totally weird to think about new characters, new conflicts, a new voice. But on Thursday everything started gelling together in my brain. I started working in the morning expecting to go for about two hours. Instead, with a few breaks, I kept going until around midnight.

I was in a zone. More and more kept coming to me. More ideas. More details. Answers to questions that I’ve been thinking about for months.

It was everything.

I didn’t have a day like that yesterday. I don’t expect to have a day like that again today or for a long time. But it reminded me why I do this, why I keep trying. It’s not to get published – although I definitely want that to happen. It’s for days like Thursday. So today, I don’t mind that it’s gloomy outside. I’m pretty excited to sit in my blue chair and keep working on this story.

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