Happy Labor Day!


Hi friends and happy Labor Day! This year is my first Labor Day as a union member, so that feels kind of extra special. I’m the only person I know (outside of my family) who gets excited about this holiday. In fact, it is one of my favorites! Why? Because we had a visitor in the night. A long standing family tradition of the Great Samuel Gompers bringing books in the night. And, as you can see, he came again last night (with a little help from my mom). My roommates aren’t home yet, but tune in later today to find out what books Gompers brought to us all!

UPDATE: Everyone is back from their Labor Day weekend trips, and we’ve opened our packages. I got The Princess Saves Herself in This One, by Amanda Lovelace – and can already tell I’m going to LOVE it. My roommates got Consolations, by David Whyte, Stuff Matters, by Mark Miodownik, and The Soul of an Octopus, by Sy Montgomery. Thank you. Samuel Gompers!


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