Friends with Books!

The Forest QueenThrough blogging and grad school, I’ve collected a few friends who are now published authors (some are even a few books deep). While I’m still waiting … waiting … waiting for my writing career to advance, I’ve been delighted by a lot of good news in the last few months for my friends and their books. Two pieces of good – no great – news are still unannounced, so I’ll keep those to myself for now. But in the meantime, here’s some book news that’s keeping me extra happy!

My friend from Smith/the Internet, Betsy Cornwell’s cover for her feminist Robin Hood retelling was revealed on Book Riot revealed on Book Riot today! Tides, Mechanica, and Venturess have all been instant favorites for me, but I’ve never read a Robin Hood retelling and The Forest Queen one sounds like it might be the best one yet. Also with a cover this beautiful, how could it not be amazing? I particularly love the owl at the top! 

Anna Meriano, who I met in grad school, got a freaking starred review from Kirkus for her debut middle grade novel Love Sugar Magic. The story shows a Mexican-American family running a magical bakery in a small Texas town. And I don’t mean magical figuratively, the family is literally full of brujas (witches). When the youngest daughter, Leonora makes this discovery it leads to some (pun intended) sticky situations.

Last, but not least, another grad school alum – Laura Silverman – announced a deal for her second YA novel, Without Answers. Here’s the Publisher’s Marketplace Announcement: GIRL OUT OF WATER author Laura Silverman’s WITHOUT ANSWERS, in which sparks ignite between Ariel Stone, a struggling Valedictorian-to-be and his tutor Abdul, but when Neo-Nazis lash out against his family, he seeks answers – and discovers the intricate identity of being Jewish in America raises questions far more complex than he could have imagined. Ooof this book seems important and tragically timely. I have complete faith that Laura will create a wonderful story and do this complicated subject justice. Goodreads says it will be out sometime in 2018.

What books are you excited about? Do any of these pique your interest? I’m 100% biased but still think everyone should be adding all three of these to their TBR lists.

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