Ten Books I Can’t Believe I Read


Happy Tuesday! I think I know my reading habits well enough to usually predict what books I will like and what books I won’t. But that wasn’t always the case. Also … sometimes when I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone, I’ve ended up loving a book, learning something new about writing or storytelling, or at least appreciating that I read it. This week I dived into my goodreads archives, and came up with these ten books that, frankly, I’m surprised I ever decided to read.

Thanks to The Artsy Reader Girl for hosting this weekly book meme!

13 thoughts on “Ten Books I Can’t Believe I Read

  1. If ever I read Stephanie’s latest book, it’ll be able to fit in a topic like this! I’m so not a horror story reader/movie goer, but since I so liked Perkin’s ‘Anna,’ I did pick her newest up.

    1. Yeah. I am the biggest wuss about horror that I know, but I could handle it. It had all the things I love about the Anna/Lola/Isla books – just with a lot of suspense and gore thrown in!

  2. The Silmarillion was okay but man is it dense, I probably don’t remember very much of it! And There’s Someone Inside Your House *nods* I wasn’t crazy about it, but as time goes on I remember it even less and less fondly, sadly enough.

    1. Oooof I could barely get the The Simarillion, but had to read it for a class. And I never read horror, so There’s Someone Inside Your House was a stretch for me – but I still enjoyed it!

  3. I’m surprised I haven’t read There’s Someone Inside Your House yet, because I’m a huge horror fan and I was actually stepping out of my comfort zone when I read her contemporary novels. However, I’ve heard pretty meh things about it… I think this one’s going to stay sat on the TBR for a while.

    Here’s my TTT.

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