What Sister from Little Women Are You?

Little Women

I grew up taking hundreds of quizzes online. And I still do. But this is the first one that I’ve made for the Internet and it’s about one of my all time favorite books. I seriously wrote a paper for my YA and Identity class in grad school about my existential crisis in high school trying to figure out if I was a Meg or a Jo. Even though I made the quiz … I didn’t get the exact answer I was looking for.

Take my quiz and let me know in the comments what sister you get (and if you think it’s the right answer!)


5 thoughts on “What Sister from Little Women Are You?

  1. I’m seem to be Beth but I think the test isn’t all fair as some of the choices aren’t what I would choose so I pick the least annoying. but I actually like Beth of all the sisters.

    have a lovely day.

  2. I’m Jo as well. I adore Little Women and I thought I could relate to Jo a lot so maybe that’s what the test reflected. It’s been fun! 🙂

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