My Favorite Writing Tip


Hi friends and happy Friday! I’m going on an 11 mile walk from one end of the Bronx to the other tomorrow in my quest to walk across all five Boroughs. I hope you have something good planned – maybe a good book to read or pages to write.

This is my favorite, favorite writing tip for when writers (ranging from my students to my MFA classmates to myself) get stuck. Are you ready for it?

Change something.

It’s just two words, but really they help me so much. Usually, for me this means taking the chapter I’m stuck on and writing it from a different characters perspective. Even though I never plan on including it in the book, it re-energizes me about the story and seems to magically get me invested in continuing.

But really changing anything can help get me over a writing hurdle. Changing from typing on the computer to writing in a notebook. From writing alone at home to with a friend in a coffee shop. If I’m stuck writing inside, I might try to go write in the park. Sometimes even changing the font or color of the text can get me going.

So yeah, this isn’t profound or unique advice, but I still thought I’d put it out in the world because it continues to be hugely important to me. Okay now back to writing …

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