Virtual Literary Road Trip Stop 8: Prince Edward Island

anne-of-green-gables Huge thanks to Crystal for this lovely guest post. I am beyond excited to share her post with you and beyond jealous of Crystal for going to the home of Anne with an E. Enjoy! 

When Alison asked me if was interested in contributing to her virtual literary road trip with a post featuring Prince Edward Island – I was over the moon. You see, I grew up just an hour away from the island of red shores and home to the magic of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s beloved Anne of Green Gables, and while it’s not summer without a visit to the Island — it’s been ages since I’ve done the Anne of Green Gables experience.  Continue reading “Virtual Literary Road Trip Stop 8: Prince Edward Island”

Guest Posts: Book Clubs

This guest post comes to us from one of Hardcovers & Heroines’ first readers and my mother, Martha Doherty. She’s the woman who taught me to love reading. Enjoy her post on different book clubs she’s been a part of! 

I have always wished I played tennis. As I transitioned from one stage of life to the next, high school, college, early adulthood, it seemed tennis players moved with the greatest of social ease. They always had a communal game to play. They seemed to make acquaintances and then friends the fastest. I was envious. However, I am not a tennis player. I am a reader. I have always been a reader. Reading was always a solitary endeavor and so I resented the tennis players.


Then in the 1980’s book clubs started. At least I don’t remember them existing before then. Book clubs took my solitary pleasure to a collective one. I have been in four book clubs in my life. In my first book club, members were mainly young moms  seeking intellectual conversation. It was dominated by an argument over whether the books we were reading were “deep” enough. I had a two year old and a three year old at home so anything that wasn’t Dr. Seuss or Julie Garwood was deep to me.  Continue reading “Guest Posts: Book Clubs”

Guest Post: We’ve Come a Long Way

This guest post comes from L. Marie, an aspiring fantasy writer for teenagers and children. Check out her fabulous blog at and read this post. Thank you L. Marie for joining us at Hardcovers & Heroines! 

032bWith the advent of Man of Steel, I returned to an old DC comic book series from the 1970s featuring intrepid TV reporter, Lois Lane. It bears the tagline “Superman’s Girl Friend.” My niece took this photo of the cover of a comic book in my possession. Upon glancing at the cover, she asked: “This is about her [Lois], yet she needs to be rescued?”

Sadly, yes. Though Lois showed courage as she pursued her news stories, she needed Superman’s help when she wound up in over her head. And for some reason, she wound up hit in the head by the bad guys more often than Nancy Drew ever did! But that was back in the day, right? Things have changed, right? Uh, not entirely. Having seen Man of Steel, I realize ****SPOILERS**** some aspects haven’t really changed. Lois still has to be rescued. ****END SPOILERS**** At least Superman is way hot. Continue reading “Guest Post: We’ve Come a Long Way”

Guest Post: Book Art

This guest post is from my mom, Martha Doherty. She is hard to acknowledge because she doesn’t have a huge internet presencence, but I am very grateful that she wrote this post to help get content to the blog while I’m in Europe. There are a few more posts from her coming you way in the next two weeks. Thanks Mama! 

It has been said that “Inspiration without perspiration is hallucination”. Over the past month I have experienced all three through a new project I’ve been working on.

Inspiration: Every week I greatly anticipate Wordless Wednesday. When the wonderful book instillations of Su Blackwell were posted I was blown away.


Continue reading “Guest Post: Book Art”

Guest Post: A Good Kind of Scar

This guest post comes from Jackie Lea Sommers (@jackieleawrites) a Minneapolis YA writer who rather enjoys stories, cute nerds, and cranky teenagers.  She blogs about creativity and writing at Thank you Jackie! 

Seven years ago, a friend and I started a local masochist club writing group.

Let me ask this: just what kind of people think, “Hey, I’ve got a great idea; let’s meet up once a month and shred each other’s work”?

Masochists, that’s what kind.  Masochists—and people who want to be better writers. 

hansmann_bookgroup Continue reading “Guest Post: A Good Kind of Scar”