Links for a Lazy Sunday: TFiOS Edition

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Get ready for a lot of TFiOS excitement on the blog this week. I’ve decided that since the film opening is less than a week away, I’m going to let myself unleash my fangirlish feelings. I’m heading back to California tomorrow for some lovely visits with my sister, father, and grandmother so I’m not sure when I’m going to actually see the movie (I can tell you all feel really sorry for me, right?), but to tide me over here are my favorite links related to The Fault in Our Stars. Most of them are focused on the movie, but a few might relate to the book. Okay? Okay. Let’s go.  Continue reading “Links for a Lazy Sunday: TFiOS Edition”

Links for a Lazy Sunday


Happy Sunday. I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. I’m visiting one of my best friends in Boston and reading a Sarah Dessen novel so this weekend is pretty much my definition of heaven. I realized that its been over a month since I’ve shared my favorite literary links. Here are a few that I think you might find interesting (a few might be a little dated):  Continue reading “Links for a Lazy Sunday”

Links for a Lazy Sunday

tumblr_m6q1s6ZYBI1qgwqw9o1_500What is everyone up to this Sunday? I’ve got my sister in town to snuggle with, so I am a happy camper. If you are in need of some Internet time today here are some of my favorite recent links:

  • The daily routines of creative geniuses.
  • YA author Megan McCafferty is giving fans and readers the chance to ask authors anything through a new monthly series hosted by Google Hangout.
  • Youtube adaptation of one of my favorite scenes from FANGIRL.

Continue reading “Links for a Lazy Sunday”

Links for a Lazy Sunday



All the books that I’ve had on hold at the library all became available yesterday, so today I think I’ll be reading more books than links. But if you want to spend some time on the internet today, here are some of my favorite new(ish) links from around the web.

Links for a Lazy Sunday


Hello friends! Happy Day Light Savings Time! Or is it the end of Day Light Savings Time? I can never remember which is which, but I am excited that it won’t be getting dark so early. You might not have a lot of time to mull about on the internet today, since we lost an hour, but in case you do here are some of my favorite links:

Links for a Lazy Sunday

tumblr_mxm1xqO1oV1sh0aobo1_1280Happy Sunday friends! What have you been up to this weekend? Has anyone been watching the Olympics? This week I started a job gallery sitting, which has been really great because I’m surrounded by art and I have lots of time to read, write … and to find these links for your perusal:

Links for a Lazy Sunday

tumblr_mrgc1n1lb11rduqoco1_500Happy Sunday friends. I am (probably) freezing my behind off traipsing around NYC right now and wishing I were snuggled up in bed taking a look at these fun links from around the web: