Summer Feels & Reads & Writing

Hi friends! How are you?

Summer Feels

My life has been a little up and down recently. I had such a beautiful spring, am dating a fantastic newish person, and settling into my writing/teaching routines. Then in May, I went on a  dream vacation. Two weeks in Italy with my sister. The pasta! The wine! The Renaissance art! It was everything. But almost as soon as I got home, there was a big family health emergency. It looks like everything is going to be okay, but it’s been a few weeks of worrying and plane rides and taking things day by day. Gilmore Girls and frozen pizzas are helping to get me through. And I know we are lucky. But hard times are hard. And friends, this is HARD.

Summer Reads

I Wanna Be Where You Are by Kristina Forest is the YA road trip, rom com of all of our dreams. Swoons for literal days. Also isn’t this cover stunning? Chloe is a seventeen year old dancer with dreams of becoming a professional ballerina. When her mom forbids her from auditioning for her dream conservatory, she decides to bend the rules for the first time of her life and make it happen. But that means taking a road trip to the audition. Then her annoying and annoyingly cute best frenemy neighbor Eli blackmails her into letting him and his smelly dog come along. This light, summery read packs a punch and sends an important message – that your dreams are with following and fighting for. Kristina and I were in grad school together and I couldn’t be prouder!

On the Come Up by Angie Thomas, was unsurprisingly a beautiful, thoughtful, EMOTIONAL follow up to The Hate U Give. While it was set in the same neighborhood, this was a very different story. It followed Bri, an aspiring rapper dealing with her father’s death and her mom losing her job. Bri wants her talent to help support her family. But sometimes it feels like that would mean creating a character and rapping songs that don’t feel authentic to her. Angie Thomas is a master at voice and this book reflects that in every sentence. There is a small romantic element and an interesting friend story too. Like Starr in The Hate U Give, Bri feels like a fully real person, dealing with all the elements of life that real people deal with.

Somewhere Only We Know by Maureen Goo is a retelling of Audrey Hepburn’s Roman Holiday. In this modern twist, Lucky is the world’s biggest K-Pop star, about to break into the mainstream market. After a big concert in Hong Kong, Lucky just wants one thing – to get a hamburger by herself like a normal teenager. But sleeping pills plus getting lost derail these plans and throw her directly into the path of Jack, a teenage tabloid photographer afraid of telling his parents about his artistic dreams. He suggests one day to explore the city. She finds the idea – and Jack – irresistible. Both Lucky and Jack need to learn to be honest with each other and honest with themselves about what they truly want out of life.

Summer Writing

I’m working on a first draft of my hardest novel yet. It’s an idea I’ve had for *years* but requires multiple perspectives and a nonlinear timeline. It is hard! But so fun to be writing. Even though the going is slow.

Here are some of my favorite recent Book Riot articles:

Goodbye Blogging

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Hi everyone still reading. Is anyone still reading?

For about a year, I’ve been apologizing for not blogging more. For years, I posted regularly three to four times a week. But as I’ve started teaching more and writing more and blogging for Book Riot , this little project has been taking a back burner. I haven’t found the time to post three times a month, let alone three times a week. And blogging has changed too.

But I’m done saying sorry. And I don’t want to fade out of Hardcovers & Heroines without saying a proper goodbye. Instead of sorry, I want to say thank you. Thank you for reading. Whether you’ve been reading since the beginning (hi Mom!) or you are just reading this post. Thank you for commenting. Thank you for recommending books and encouraging me with my own writing. Thank you for your congratulations when things are going well. Thank you for your kind words when things aren’t.

I started Hardcovers & Heroines with a college friend in 2012. Blogging was the big thing at the time, and we were on opposite coasts. It seemed like it was a good way to stay in touch. And we were both just getting interested in young adult books. Though that friendship ended and my cofounder took her posts down, the blog continued. And since I’ve started blogging I’ve:

I learned about YA books on this blog and from other bloggers who’ve been doing this longer than me. I made wonderful friends through this blog, with a special shout out to Jackie Lea Sommers and Betsy Cornwell, who are both incredibly supportive and inspiring writers in my life.

And I’m not disappearing forever. I’m still figuring out what to do with this space. And hope to check back in semi-regularly (one a month? one a season?) with a few book recommendations and some of my Book Riot articles.

Thank you. I really mean it.

Thank you.

My Papa, Jerry Barton


When I was a little girl, nothing was as exciting as spending the night at Nana and Papa’s house. With a swimming pool shaped like a whale and the promise of Papa making his signature silver dollar pancakes in the morning, nothing could be. At night, I’d get into Nana and Papa’s bed and sleep between them. Every time, without fail, Papa snored. He didn’t just snore, he snored loud. Very loud. In the morning, Nana would complain. But I decided that I would teach myself to love snoring – to be soothed by it.

And I succeeded. Not only do I not mind the sound of snoring now, but whoever is next to me in bed has never snored as loud as Papa. This is just one of the many ways he’s influenced my life. Continue reading “My Papa, Jerry Barton”

Mexico Trip / Summer / Sorry I’m Not Writing More


Hi friends. Are you still out there? I know I’ve been MIA recently. This summer has been a perfect storm of hard things – family illness, divorce, more teaching than I’ve ever done, roommate tumult, boy stuff … pretty much ALL THE THINGS. Still finding joy in writing and friendship and NYC bookish life where I can. And most of all … my recent Mexico sister trip! Here are a few photos if you are interested. Will try to figure out a more consistent blogging schedule again soon as things calm down! xoxox  Continue reading “Mexico Trip / Summer / Sorry I’m Not Writing More”

Writing Retreat!

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Hi friends. I know I have been TERRIBLE about writing recently. My life … as per usual … has been kind of a rollercoaster. The things that are going well are going really well – like my new teaching job at The New School and June not being ridiculously hot yet. And kind of, maybe, sort of finishing a new draft of a new book that I’m somehow still in love with. But other things are kind of a dumpster fire – globally (this needs no explanation) and personally (money stuff, roommate stuff, boy stuff, etc.).

So it’s the nicest to get away for a four-day weekend upstate at my very first writing retreat. My friend Kristina (the best critique partner anyone ever had) organized it. We are ten girls in a gorgeous house in the woods – with a pool! Three attendants are going to have their debut YA novels published next year, six attendants work in publishing, and four went to grad school with me (there is some overlap in these lists lol). We haven’t gotten the most writing done yet today, but are hunkered down now – listening to jazz and sitting with our laptops around a very long dining room table.

I brought along The Way You Make Me Feel by Maurene Goo and a lot of different ideas I want to flush out/choose from for my next project. And a swim suit … because, pool. It is beautiful and quiet and exactly what I needed.

I’m Not Reading *That* Much YA Right Now

Hey friends and happy Monday! You all know (unless you are very very new) that YA is my one true bookish love. It’s been the main thing I read for about 7-8 years, it’s what I write, I even moved to New York City and got a masters degree in it. Oh yeah and I’ve been blogging about it here for like 5+ years. But…

For some reason, I’m not really reading a ton of it right now. Which is bananas because there are so many books I’m excited about coming out. There are plenty, in fact, sitting right on my shelf. But when I was looking at my goodreads shelf last night thinking a review post was long overdue … I realized that out of the last ten books I read, only one was YA.

I don’t think I even read nine books for adults combined in 2014 and 2015, and now I’ve read nine since mid-April! To be fair, *a lot* are romance novels. But still this totally spooked me out.

Hit me with your recommendations in the comments, because I definitely want to add some YA to my library holds queue ASAP!

Happy Mother’s Day


Happy Mother’s Day to all the mama’s out there today! My mom is 100% the reason I’m a reader and has been the most supportive person on this writing journey as mine (as well as being my most consistent blog reader). She’s also great fodder for Book Riot articles. Here are a few I’m thinking of today:

California Spring Break


It snowed this morning in NYC, and I couldn’t help but wish I was back in California on the beach. It was funny because at 60 degrees in LA everyone kept apologizing to me about the bad weather. I even saw people wearing mittens. Of course, the weather isn’t the main reason I love visiting California … it’s the fish tacos. Just kidding… it was Disney Land! Okay just kidding again. It’s obviously my family. Thanks for your patience in my break from blogging and here are some of my favorite pictures from the trip. Happy Spring everyone! Continue reading “California Spring Break”

Spring Break Woohoo!


Hi friends! In LA for the next week visiting my family, enjoying warm weather, and eating fish tacos and *real* avocados. Won’t be blogging, but am hoping to write my butt off while my mom and sister are at work to make some good progress on my WIP. Happy weekends to everyone and if you are a student/teacher happy spring break!