Top Ten Audio Book Experiences


I titled this post very specifically. I’m not saying these are the best audiobooks out there or even the best that I’ve read. For example, in hindsight I’d choose to read Infinite Jest instead of subjecting myself to hours of the audio book with confusing footnotes. But from books I’ve listened to on road trips to books I’ve listened to going to sleep (waves at Harry Potter and Jim Dale for being the best reader ever) to a book I listened to while I had food poisoning, these are my most memorable audio book experiences. I recommend each. What are your favorite audiobooks? Have you listened to any of these? Continue reading “Top Ten Audio Book Experiences”

Reading Versus Listening to Audio Books

As a commuter, I have reluctantly fallen in love with audio books. There is something that is wonderful about being read out loud to by people who are so good at reading aloud that they get paid to do it. In fact, some of my favorite books I’ve “read” in the last year have been audio books.

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