Marry, Date or Dump: Augustus, Park, & Adam

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I took todays contenders for marry, date or dump straight from the pages of the New York Times YA Bestseller list. Without giving away any spoilers from these books, let me assure you each of these three men is more than swoon-worthy. Augustus Waters woos Hazel in John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars with an unending supply of witty quips, living metaphors, and a shared taste in books. Park from Eleanor & Park is a quiet and sensitive fan of comics and music. And Adam is the rock’n’roll, not-so-bad, bad boy in If I Stay, by Gayle Forman. I’ve reviewed all three books, and fallen at least a little in love with each of these characters. Now I’m excited to see who you will marry, date and dump. Let me know in the comments!

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Marry Date or Dump: Boys from John Green Novels

6690860951_e88efc3f57_zOne of the best things I’ve gained from blogging is a huge appreciation of John Green.  Actually, it goes way beyond an appreciation considering the amount of time I spend watching him and his brother on Youtube. He seems to have his finger in so many pies right now. And not normal everyday pies… like extra delicious, new flavors, super popular pies. The nerd fighters are everywhere these days.

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