Ten Beach Reads Actually Set at the Beach


Hi friends! After a late night flight back from California I’m a little sleepy today. Thanks to everyone who sent good vibes for my sister’s wedding in Big Sur over the weekend. The weather was unusually good for this time of year and everything was beautiful. Hope to get some pictures up soon. With my Maid of Honor duties behind me and Memorial Day coming up in a few days, it really feels like the beginning of summer. Crossing my fingers that I get a little beach time in this season. Here are ten books set at the beach that would be perfect to read lying in the sand, listening to the waves. Continue reading “Ten Beach Reads Actually Set at the Beach”

Top Ten YA Novels I Hope to Read on the Beach this Summer


As I write this I’m lying in front of a fan wearing as few clothes as possible, so it must be summer. And even though I’m not happy about putting up with the humidity and the mosquitos and all the New York summer smells I forgot about from last year, I am very, very happy to be in the season of beach reads. Here are ten books I hope to read in the sun and on the sand this summer. What books are you looking forward to read this summer? I’d love to know in the comments. Continue reading “Top Ten YA Novels I Hope to Read on the Beach this Summer”

Summer Love, by Jill Santopolo

18667801Did anyone else read choose your own adventure books growing up? There’s something really fun about the ability to read the same book, but have a different outcome every time. Bringing this fun format into the perfect YA beach read is Jill Santopolo’s Summer Love, which I’ve been reading on the subway recently. Basically, it’s a contemporary romance where you get to make decisions at the end of each chapter which will lead you down different paths where you might (and let me emphasize might!) end up kissing one of eleven different guys.

From cute boys who clean swimming pools to tennis partners to the only other person reading a piece of classic literature on the beach, summer romance is actually just a page turn away while reading this book. Although let me warn you that not all of the pathways lead to romance. The great news is that if you aren’t happy with your ending (or if you are just feeling curious) then you can flip back and go down a different path.  Continue reading “Summer Love, by Jill Santopolo”

Top Ten Books I Plan To Have In My Beach Bag This Summer


Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day. It definitely feels luck summer has officially begun, and you know what that means … beach reads. Here are a few I plan on having in my beach bag (or park bag because, you know, New York) I’d love to hear what you plan to read this summer in the comments! Continue reading “Top Ten Books I Plan To Have In My Beach Bag This Summer”

Top Ten YA Books For People Tired of Winter


I don’t know about you, but In am pretty fed up with winter (written before the beautiful weather we had yesterday!). Either coincidentally or as a subconscious result of this I’ve found myself reading lots of summery beach books or road trip books … anything with warm weather. Since I figure that some of you might also be looking to escape the cold, even if only through the pages of a good book, I put together a list of summery young adult books. Let me know your favorite summer books in the comments and try to stay warm! Continue reading “Top Ten YA Books For People Tired of Winter”

Favorite Summer Reads

Hi friends! I really really really wanted to get a review of We Were Liars, by E. Lockhart up on the blog today … but I have some pages due for class later tonight (getting back into the swing of having homework is a bit of a struggle) and now that it’s after five I’ve realized I have to let the book review go until next week.

In the meantime, I thought I share a few of my favorite books and series from this summer. Some are old. Some are new. All were books I enjoyed immensely. Let me know if you’ve read any of these or what your favorite summer books were in the comments! Continue reading “Favorite Summer Reads”