Top Ten Reasons I Love Being a Book Blogger


Time for some self reflection courtesy of Tope Ten Tuesday, a weekly book meme run by The Broke and the Bookish. Without further ado here’s what I came up with:

  1. Connecting with other readers and writers.
  2. Giving myself motivation to read more books.
  3. Occasionally getting books for free or receiving ARC copies.
  4. Getting to play marry, date or dump, even though I’m not in high school anymore.
  5. Being followed by Meg Cabot on Twitter (this happened over the weekend and let me tell you I am disproportionately excited by it).
  6. The opportunity to read young adult books critically.
  7. Understanding the genre/category I want to write more.
  8. Finding out about other book blogs that I love to read almost daily now. I’m looking at you Crossed Pages, Lights All Around, L. Marie, and The Bookshelf (among others).
  9. The pretty pictures I get to take of my bookshelf for the header images of the blog.
  10. (Hopefully) improving my writing by posting several times a week. Since graduating from college one of the things I missed most was writing weekly editorials for the school paper, I’m glad to have that outlet again.

Bloggers, what are your favorite aspects of blogging? Readers, why do you read book blogs? Is there something I could be doing better?