Top Ten Books I’d Love to Read With a Book Club

toptentuesday Between graduating college as an English major and starting my current MFA program, I belonged to three different book clubs. At times, these felt like my saviors. People who all read the same book and want to talk about it! So much like English Lit classes! Heaven! As I became more and more invested in YA, they were also anchors that helped me keep up with adult fiction at least a little bit. I’m not in a book club now, but if I was here are some books I’d suggest. Some I’ve wanted to read for a long time and would love a book club to force me to read, and others I just think would spark good conversation. Let me know your thoughts on my picks in the comments! Continue reading “Top Ten Books I’d Love to Read With a Book Club”

Guest Posts: Book Clubs

This guest post comes to us from one of Hardcovers & Heroines’ first readers and my mother, Martha Doherty. She’s the woman who taught me to love reading. Enjoy her post on different book clubs she’s been a part of! 

I have always wished I played tennis. As I transitioned from one stage of life to the next, high school, college, early adulthood, it seemed tennis players moved with the greatest of social ease. They always had a communal game to play. They seemed to make acquaintances and then friends the fastest. I was envious. However, I am not a tennis player. I am a reader. I have always been a reader. Reading was always a solitary endeavor and so I resented the tennis players.


Then in the 1980’s book clubs started. At least I don’t remember them existing before then. Book clubs took my solitary pleasure to a collective one. I have been in four book clubs in my life. In my first book club, members were mainly young moms  seeking intellectual conversation. It was dominated by an argument over whether the books we were reading were “deep” enough. I had a two year old and a three year old at home so anything that wasn’t Dr. Seuss or Julie Garwood was deep to me.  Continue reading “Guest Posts: Book Clubs”