Catch Up on my Book Riot Articles


Hi friends. Happy Wednesday! In late May, I found out that after two trial articles I’d been accepted as a Book Riot contributor. Book Riot has been one of my favorite blogs for a long time. It’s been an adjustment to add working for them to my writing/blogging schedule, but it’s also been totally worth it. So far, I’ve written about:

I’m writing new posts all the time. If you want to check them out, you can always click here on my author page.


Book Riot News


Pretty much since I started blogging here, I’ve been reading Book Riot. They were woke to the need for diverse books way before me (even before the hashtag). And they always, always lived up to their tagline: always books, never boring. For a few years, I’ve considered applying to write for them, but I’ve never felt brave enough.

This year, I summoned my courage and applied.

I wrote two try-out posts for them. One piece started as a post I almost put on this blog about boys often go through school without reading much or anything about the female experience. In particular, I wrote about how in middle school we read the play version of Anne Frank instead of the original source because the boys were uncomfortable with how personal the diary is.

In the second piece, I wrote about fat girls in romance novels. Both posts are personal, but this one was much harder to write. I stressed about whether to use the word fat. I stressed about admitting so publicly that I read romance novels. I stressed about how much to reveal about my experiences with body image and weight. But I was also really, really proud of what I wrote.

And I guess personal and scary and stressful works well on the Internet, because they offered me a contributor spot. I’m really excited to have another platform to talk about books on and to get paid for my writing for the first time ever (even though it’s probably not that much).

So that’s my news. Hope everyone else is having a fun and productive Wednesday!