Halloween Marry, Date or Dump: Dr. Frankenstein, Dracula, and Dr. Jekyll


Happy Friday before Halloween! I hope some of you have some spooky plans this weekend! In honor of the holiday, for this marry, date or dump I chose characters from three scary (but not too scary) books. We’ve got Dr. Frankenstein – not to be confused with Frankenstein’s monster- from Mary Shelley’s classic. We’ve got Dracula, and then we’ve got Dr. Jekyll. In the comments say who you would marry, who you would date, and who you would dump.  Continue reading

Marry Date or Dump: Vampires

Vtumblr_lvuoz0xKZU1qhtx5rampires have become so trendy, that I think by now most mentions of them are usually accompanied by an eye roll and an internal snarky thought like “that is so 2008.” Still according to Wikipedia their presence in global culture may date back to prehistoric times (we’ll never really know because that is the whole point of prehistory). Also, I think we all have to admit there is something sexual about incredibly attractive, mostly male creatures who suck the blood of innocent young women. That has to be symbolism or a metaphor or another fancy English major term.

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Wordless Wednesday: Literary Castles

                            Elsinore: the castle from Hamlet

             Castle Howard: from Brideshead Revisited

               Whitby Abbey: inspiration for Dracula

                Conisbrough Castle: from Ivanhoe

              Brodsworth Hall: from Bleak House

             Tintagel Castle: from Arthurian Legends