Adulthood Take 2: Life Update

IMG_3641It’s been three months since I basically decided to quit my life and runaway to try and finish my novel. And it’s been going really well … which is I think a shock to no one in my life except myself. Logically, it makes sense that the ability to spend all your time doing your favorite thing (writing) in the most beautiful place in the world (Big Sur) seems like a recipe for success. And it is. Still, my inner pragmatist is being like, “Wait why are you enjoying yourself. I thought I gave you enough rope you would hang yourself and then you could get a normal job and spend your free time watching YouTube videos and going on Okcupid dates instead of writing.” Well the joke is on you inner pragmatist, because not only am I sincerely happy in a way I haven’t been in a long time, I also feel really motivated and engaged in “my work” of writing this novel and trying to bring interesting content to this blog.

I never know how much to write about my personal experiences, because in a strange twist of fate more than just my mom reads this blog. But for my mom (whose birthday is tomorrow!), and other friends/family/internet friends that might be interested I thought it was time to give a little life update. So if you want to know more: Continue reading “Adulthood Take 2: Life Update”