Marry, Date or Dump: Fitzgerald, Hemingway, & Faulkner

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Happy Monday, friends! I thought I’d switch things up and have authors instead of characters for today’s marry, date, or dump options. Now let’s face it, none of these men would have made particularly good husbands. But whether you choose based on their books, their looks, or any other criteria you want, I’m still excited to see which author you would marry, who you would date, and who you would dump.  Continue reading “Marry, Date or Dump: Fitzgerald, Hemingway, & Faulkner”

The Great Gatsby: Baz Lurhman Remixes a Classic

If you’ve been reading the blog, or you’ve had a conversation with me since I was in the 11th grade, there is a good chance you know that I love The Great Gatsby. I consistently advocate for it as “the great American novel” and if I could get away with it would only wear pink tailored suits and call everyone “old sport”.

While I’ve been disappointed by past attempts to translate the novel into film, it would be an understatement to say I went into the movie theater this morning wanting to like this movie. I went into the theater wanting to LOVE it. And this morning I got exactly what I wanted. Continue reading “The Great Gatsby: Baz Lurhman Remixes a Classic”

Links for a Lazy Sunday

the_great_gatsbyHappy Sunday! I am trying to remember if Sunday is Funday or if that is Monday? Why can’t you just have fun both days? Let’s do it. I don’t know about you, but I think there is a lot to be happy/excited about this week. Actually, there is one big thing that I’ve been exciting about for a very long time: Gatsby. The Baz Luhrmann interpretation comes out this weekend. Here are a few links to get you as excited as I am:  Continue reading “Links for a Lazy Sunday”

Marry, Date or Dump: Ladies from The Great Gatsby


With a pretty recently released trailor and the news Jay-Z will be doing the score for the film, is anyone not thinking about The Great Gatsby? Below are the three leading ladies from what is arguabley the best American novel of all time. Choose between these flappers, and let us know who you would marry, date and dump in the comments section below!

Continue reading “Marry, Date or Dump: Ladies from The Great Gatsby”