First Book Drives More Diversity in Children’s Literature

Stories-for-All-group-photo1For those of you who don’t know what First Book is, it is a nonprofit organization that provides new books to low-income children in the US and Canada. They’ve given over 100 million books to 42,000 schools and programs. One of the things that has shocked me working in different at-risk schools is that children are growing up in homes with literally no books. When I taught middle school in Memphis, we had a rule that children always had to be carrying a book and almost half the kids would bring in Sears catalogues or Wal-Mart coupon packets because that was the closest thing they could find. Comparing this with the fact that this weekend I culled almost five boxes of books to give away, and didn’t really scratch the surface of the reading material in my house it makes sense why children are graduation high school not knowing how to read.

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