Another Perfectly-Timed Letter from FutureMe

Really needed this today friends. Still in California and totally freaking out about the semester ahead (in a really nonproductive way). Seriously, if you aren’t using FutureMe you definitely should be. Here’s what arrived in my inbox this morning to save the day (or at least my sanity):

Dear FutureMe,

Tomorrow you are going to turn in the first draft of your thesis. Chill out girl. Everything is going to be fine. You worked harder than you might of, but not as hard as you could have … that is literally almost always true. You also had a lot of other things to deal with (which is also always always true) and you are doing a great job.

Try to celebrate your accomplishments going into this next step of school. Who knows what will happen … but that is exciting because it means lots and lots and lots of really awesome, cool things could happen.

You are still in school. School and writing should be your focus.

You’ve created such a fuller life for yourself in New York than you’ve had since college. Seriously, think of the friends and activities and events you’ve built into your life. Great job!

It’s okay to be scared and nervous … you are undertaking big things and big dreams. It would be silly not to be nervous about them.

It’s also okay to set the fear and anxiety at the door for the semester (as much as you can) and just really try to enjoy the end of this process as much as possible.

I know you will lean into every opportunity you have.

With much self love,

Alison from a month ago

Writing Letters to Myself


About a year and a half ago (or maybe even longer) I learned about a website called from a friend and fellow blogger Jackie Lea Sommers. It’s a website where you write emails to yourself in the future and choose the date that you want them to send the email. I’m not a huge user, but when I’m feeling particularly happy or sad or scared or have just made a big decision I try to jot myself a quick note about it. If I’m in an intense writing period, I’ll also send myself what my goal for finishing by that time is and an encouraging message to get back on track if I’ve been slacking off. I honestly should be trying to do it more, because I’m always SO EXCITED when one of the emails I write myself comes through.  Continue reading “Writing Letters to Myself”